Get started with all things music, singing and dance.
Perfect for young kids growing up on the Gold Coast!

0-12 months

Does your baby react when they hear a new noise? When you sing to them?

Are you constantly thinking about what to do at home all day with your little one? VAPA minis is the perfect place to come! No one is ever too young or old to be able to enjoy music and there are countless reasons why VAPA minis is perfect for you and your baby!

What does the Class Involve?

  • 45 minutes of musical activities
  • Baby safe instrument play
  • Bonding exercises between baby and parent/guardian
  • Exploration of new sounds
  • Singing and story time
  • Lap plays and movement activities

How will it benefit my baby?

  • help improve language and literacy development
  • Increased alertness
  • Share the love of music with your baby
  • Songs and activities can be integrated into the baby’s daily routines
  • Babies will experience a sense of a steady beat
  • Improvement of listening skills
  • Baby will make friends!
  • Develop confidence


One parent is required to attend this class with their little one 🙂

0-12 mths

Share the love of music with your baby

1-2 years

Enjoy the sound and dance with the beat

2-3 years

Build your child’s confidence through music and dance

4-5 years

Learn the notes of piano, rhythm and melody

5+ years

Private lessons at Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts

Ignite your child’s passion