Get started with all things music, singing and dance.
Perfect for young kids growing up on the Gold Coast!

4-5 year olds

Our 4-5 years class are designed to give children a foundation level understanding of music! The kids will learn music symbols, learn singing technique, all of the musical elements, the name of the notes of the piano and so much more! This is our most advanced class and will give children a strong knowledge about music whilst they create new friendships and improve on their overall development to ensure they are ready for big school!

What does the class involve?

  • 45 mins of musical activity
  • Music, singing, acting and dancing games
  • Instrument and prop play
  • Learning the notes on the piano with our giant piano dancing mat
  • Learning basic rhythm notation and how to apply them to instruments or voice
  • Listening to sounds from all genres and cultures

How will it benefit my child?

  • Develop their confidence and overall development
  • Intensify their individuality and creativity
  • Improvement of coordination and motor skills
  • Learning how to think critically
  • Improvement of language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Learning about pitch
  • Strengthen the memory
  • Great for socialising and making new friends


It is preferred that children attend this classes own their own and then parents are invited in for the last 10 minutes to see what has been taught in the class!

0-12 mths

Share the love of music with your baby

1-2 years

Enjoy the sound and dance with the beat

2-3 years

Build your child’s confidence through music and dance

4-5 years

Learn the notes of piano, rhythm and melody

5+ years

Private lessons at Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts

Ignite your child’s passion